Predator 9500 inverter generator

Predator 9500 Inverter Generator Review

Portable power generators are unquestionably essential to most film and video productions. Especially when shooting in remote locations, you need a power supply to lighten up your sets; inverter generators are the best option. However, not all generators are created for shooting purposes; you need a power generator that doesn’t produce a disturbing sound that doesn’t bother the shooting sessions. Similarly, you need a super quiet one that simultaneously offers significant power demands. Th popular choice of production companies is the Predator 9500 Inverter Generator built by Harbor Freight Tools. 

It is an efficient high-wattage generator and the most practical one that can do the job for you without disturbing noise. Additionally, its incredible features and high performance are why most production companies loved this and recommended it. If you plan to invest in the most potent and gold-standard inverter generator rental, then here is everything you need to know about the Predator 9500 generator.

Predator 9500 Inverter Generator: The Reliable Option

Predator generators are quite famous for their high efficiency, reasonable prices, and incredible performance in most difficult situations. And when it comes to the larger options like Predator 9500w inverter generator, these work as the complete backup power for homes and sets. The incredible Predator 9500 is the ultra-quiet power option that can facilitate you ideally in most circumstances. These portable generators are specially designed to operate with low noise output. 

High Power And Performance

The 9500-watt super quiet inverter generator from Harbor Freight comes equipped with a powerful Predator 45cc engine and a 6.8-gallon fuel tank. In addition, this generator is well known for its high power and performance; it can effortlessly provide power for a maximum of 18.5 hours at 25% load. Therefore, it’s powerful enough to assist production houses perfectly in their shooting sessions and other purposes. 

It Keeps Your Electronic Devices Safe

The best part about Harbor Freight’s generators is that they offer stable, clean power and ensure that the generator serves reliable electricity. Likewise, it aims to provide consistent power like the electricity you get from your outlets at home. Its power is safe for sensitive electronic devices like smartphones, computers, TVs, and others. Safe and secure power doesn’t mean it’s not strong; it can effortlessly power larger systems and heavy equipment. Lastly, you can also adjust the volts settings from 120 volts to 240 by flipping the switch. 

Super Quiet Attribute

Typically, generators with the same capacity level produce loud, disturbing noise that irritates most people. This is why the team of Harbor Freight specifically focused on solving the sound problem and eventually came up with the two-fold solution. First, the engine has an automatic control option to throttle the engine to match the current power need. If the load is not needed, the engine will automatically run at a lower capacity and reduce the revolutions and noise. Second, the whole unit is wrapped in a closed-frame housing which is why the unwanted sound mutes. 

CO SECURE Technology

As you know, devices like generators are powered by fuel which is why it emits exhausting chemicals like carbon monoxide into the air. However, the case is different with the Predator 9500 inverter generator; its CO SECURE technology automatically turns off the generator when the system detects an amount of dangerous gas. So, this generator is a must if you want to protect human beings and the environment.


Currently, the price of a 9500w Predator generator is $2,399, which is relatively unaffordable for many interested buyers. Undoubtedly, it is a significant investment, but if you consider buying or renting this fantastic product, you will get an excellent ROI.

However, renting is the best option if you want this generator to complete your short-term project or for other temporary needs. You can simply approach a reliable Predator inverter generator rental and get a chance to use this excellent generator at the lowest. 


  • Co SECURE technology allows the generator to shut down automatically when harmful levels of carbon monoxide are detected.
  • Your sensitive electronic devices like smartphones, TVs, and laptops are safe because of the pure sine wave inverter technology available in the generator.
  • The Predator 459cc powerful engine serves ultimate power for large backup applications.
  • It comes with a foldable handle and four flat-free wheels. These features make the generator portable and easy to move in challenging locations. 
  • The super quiet feature of the Predator 9500 inverter generator reduces generator noise levels, operating at only 67dB.
  • Electric start with included non-spillable battery for effortless starts.
  • You can simply track maintenance levels because of its integrated hour meter. 
  • It comes with (4) 120v 20A GFCI protected outlets, 120v 30A twistlock, 120v/240v 30A twistlock, (2) USB outlets, and 12v 8A DC.

Final Verdict

There are many predator generators in the market, but deciding which one is ideal for assisting you in your shooting sessions is problematic. But, after reading this guide, you can give Predator 9500 inverter generator a try. It can never go wrong when using high-powered equipment and electronic devices. The unbelievably super quiet attribute and other features of the 9500w Predator inverter generator make it the best choice. Still, its high price stops most production houses from using it. 

No worries, Atlanta Camera Rental allows you to get your hands on the incredible Predator 9500 generator at lower rental costs. So, whether you need this robust, reliable, portable generator for home emergencies, job sites, camping trips, shooting purposes, RV travel, or any other situation, you can borrow this generator from film equipment rental Atlanta. It can undoubtedly satisfy your needs and can deliver ultimate performance.

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