Memories are the best gift of nature that provides us the ability to recall each and every moment of our life. Some memories could be bad, and we do not want to remember them but look at the bright side where we can relive all the happy moments we had in the past. In ancient times when technology was not that advanced, people used to carve walls, rocks, caves, mountains, and trees. From still photo camera photography to advanced camera units like READY RIG PRO VEGA production everything revolves around capturing the best shots.

Over time, the urge to collect old memories becomes stronger in humans. They researched and developed a device to capture nature’s beauty and essence. In this desire, humans designed and invented a gadget called the camera. It all started with the camera obscura, the first-ever camera known in history. 

One invention in the 20th century that revolutionized the whole world and changed the perspective of how we see things, people, and moments differently is the camera. Now we have a tool to capture the moments we adore. It is the fastest and most reliable device to take pictures instantly and save them forever on multiple devices. 

Today we will discuss the most advanced form of cameras and their accessories, specifically READY RIG PRO VEGA. This whole article is a review of this product. We will see how it is helpful as a technological gadget and the advancement of this device. So let’s dive in and explore the gizmo in detail.

READY RIG PRO VEGA-Product Description

People dealing with cinema packages and other sensitive camera devices single-handedly know these delicate gimmicks’ importance. A camera that captures videos, still photographs, and mug shots is equally vital in the world of the entertainment industry, and so is its handling. 

These flimsy devices need extraordinary care while operating and must maintain a balance while managing so that they can perform accurately. Regardless of commercial or personal purposes, the need for supporting gadgets is equally important while holding a complete cinema package. 

Using a gimbal or handheld to manage the heaviest and discreet cameras is challenging. Here comes the most sturdy and robust supporting equipment to hold the most prudent, sensitive, insanely expensive, and highly functional cinema-packed camera device. 

The Ready Rig provides support while shooting with these cameras. READY RIG PRO VEGA has now introduced the new counterweight module upgrade for the Ready Rig GS/Proarm vest known as VEGA. The recent upgrade significantly improves the reducing footsteps and adds weight support throughout the motion field. 

The brand new vest system is further improved where the READY RIG PRO VEGA screws onto the Ready Rig GS vest. It holds the operator’s back area and secures the equipment through incorporated bands.

The whole idea is to develop and add a lifting effect to the system while simultaneously providing support to the operator’s spine. The human spine is built for shock absorption and stability; the new mount ensures better and more balanced boom action. 

The extravagant design is specially developed to keep the weight evenly distributed to the holder’s legs and core. It is perfect for long and multiple shoots. It provides extraordinary comfort to the holder, allowing him to perform more hours productively without stress and exhaustion.

When shooting for complicated sequences where the spotter must guide other people with enthusiasm, the upgraded VEGA design provides uninterrupted support where the holder can easily remove his hands from the unit and explain the shot to performers easily. The rear hand grip is another brilliant function that aids when you need extra movement during difficult shots.


Following are the key benefits of using the equipment with the VEGA smart clamps.

  • The unit is compatible with RIG GS, READY RIG PRO VEGA, and Pro Arms stabilizer.
  • The boom range is single-handedly under control by the fingertip. 
  • PolyCore lift technology.
  • Vertical axis stability improved by more than 50%.
  • The back grip is enhanced for the sake of spotter to guide the front people better than ever.
  • Easy to use, deploy, stow, and dump through smart VEGA arm clamps. 
  • Power settings in addition to providing grip and safety settings during the shoot.
  • Video tutorial is available online and handy when you purchase the unit.
  • Written guides and easy-to-follow instructions are also available with the unit.

READY RIG PRO VEGAAtlanta Camera Rental

The camera was initially created to take pictures before being improved for filmmaking in the late 1800s.  It was designed and reinvented by the brilliant Thomas Edison to aid the motion picture business. As we can see, there have been many technological advances and the way that film is made.

It is a well-known fact that Thomas Edison created the cinema camera in the late 1800s. The way we make movies has altered due to this technology. Due to the sensitivity and delicate nature of the technology, this kind of equipment is costly. However, not everyone can afford to purchase such items of equipment.

Here are the video rentals in Atlanta dealing with all the gizmos you require to complete the project on time. If you are looking to rent out video equipment for your next project of filmmaking or shooting, keep in mind to get in touch with the best rentals in Atlanta. 

The local groups in the industry who are well aware of the equipment knowledge are rare, just like Atlanta camera rental. They used to have all the recent video equipment onboard the moment it came on the market.

In the End

According to some users’ reviews, they believe that the number one job of the spotter is to hold a level horizon. With a size and running handheld camera package, everyone develops their preferences concerning window and smoothness. However, the following works best in various lighting and climate.

  • Make sure that the Majestic Settings that Roll is set to Level and not Majestic. 
  • Set the Pan and Tilt Windows to 2 or 3
  • Fix smoothness to 12
  • Motor Stiffness could be around 75-100
  • Filters around 4

Video equipment rental Atlanta is light on pocket and readily makes available all the filmmaking gadgets you need. Renting out is always an easy option for startups and people who are just at the beginning of their careers. 

They need to focus on many things, and one of them is arranging different cameras for various shoots of the same or multiple projects on board.

READY RIG PRO VEGA rental is available with them and highly recommended due to its quality results and user-friendly handling.

If you need to shoot with this beauty, don’t hesitate to call Atlanta camera rental for this specific equipment and all the recent and contemporary cameras in use in the industry.