Aputure 1200d

What Do You Need To Know About The Aputure 1200D?

Videography enthusiasts, individuals and filmmaking producers are always anxious to take advantage of top-notch gears fully. No matter what, they keep an eye on the newly launched equipment and be excited to operate the gears extensively. One of the popular lightning gears, “Aputure 1200d Pro LED light recently launched, is being seriously noticed by those working for video production and commercial film. 

Aputure 1200d Pro is part of the flagship Light Storm product line of the Aputure brand, which is currently considered one of the brightest lights of the collection. The brand Aputure claims that it’s the Mount light fixture that offers the highest output Bowens among all similar items in the market. 

Let’s take a deeper dive into the following detailed review of Aputure 1200d, a bright and exciting new lighting product, and figure out whether it’s right for you or not.


Aputure 1200D Pro: A Detailed Review


Like other Light Storm fixtures, Aputure 1200d contains a Bowens Mount that can simply be operated with numerous Bowens Mount modifiers like lanterns and light domes. When it comes to design, how can we neglect the great COB (chip on board) design; that sits back inside a cone extending from the lamp head. Additionally, the cone features a multi flat reflective surface right around the COB cluster. The cone is protected with a glass cover. Similarly, unique creative design shows how remarkably the product works in reflecting the light on an object right after emitting. Further, its lockdown knob is pretty large and outstanding that uses a single break for swift and effortless tilt and lock. 

The tall yoke ideally allows the fixture to rotate down with a medium-wide reflector. The LS 1200d is consisting a robust build construction and offers a metal IP54 weather-resistant design. Its waterproof fans, properly sealed internal structures, and rubber caps of ports make it perfect equipment to withstand challenging weather and environments. 


The LS 1200d offers 1200 watts COB, and it can draw maximum power of 1440 watts. It uses a 5600K daylight, 1200w COB LED light head (with a power consumption of 1440w) to obtain the exemplary light output of 83,100 lux at a distance of 3 meters with a 15° narrow Hyper reflector. Also, you can effortlessly run the LS 1200d via your household AC outlet. Additionally, for those who want to use HMI to receive the same results, remember to use 1.8K, 2K, or 2.5K. 


The cost of Aputure 1200d is around $4000, which is decent for the output it serves. Moreover, its high LEDs efficiency shows that the LS 1200d can deliver exemplary light by consuming less power. Although this product is offering an affordable price, still, it’s not easy for some of you to spend 4000$ for shoot days. However, to fully use this fantastic lighting equipment and achieve outstanding output, you can consider renting from Camera Rentals. The reliable and affordable rental house Atlanta Camera Rental offers a great deal for lighting savvy filmmakers to rent Aputure 1200d at 225$/day. Hence, it’s effortless to borrow high-performance, advanced lighting gears, sound equipment, lens and rent a camera in Atlanta, Georgia, with Atlanta Camera Rentals.


The Aputure light storm 1200d was designed for special occasions and shoots when you need high output light. Its robust build quality and weather-resistant design can provide steady performance even in unfavorable conditions. So, if your nature of work requires this type of firepower, the Aputure LS 1200d is worth considering. The only obstacle is its high price, making it harder for many to afford. But, no worries, you can avail the perfect opportunity to rent it from a trustable place like Atlanta Camera Rental. Hence, renting Aputure 1200d from there is always the best and most cost-effective way to get the most out of this gear.