ASTERA Titan Tubes

ASTERA Titan Tubes 8 KIT Review

To produce quality images or videos, perfect lightning is highly essential for cameras. Currently, excellent LED light tubes work best in cinematography. One of the famous and most cinematographers’ favorites is ASTERA Titan Tubes. ASTERA has launched a full line of RGB LED tubes with multiple “pixels” that allows you to program lights with numerous different colors. Simply put, you can set up and enjoy various colors simultaneously through the tube. This incredible option will enable you to make sets creative, colorful, and vibrant, providing you with perfect entertainment environments. Additionally, the tube serves multiple ranges of usage including indoor or outdoor, on the go with the ASTERA App, AC-powered or battery, with wired or wireless DMX.

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Memories are the best gift of nature that provides us the ability to recall each and every moment of our life. Some memories could be bad, and we do not want to remember them but look at the bright side where we can relive all the happy moments we had in the past. In ancient times when technology was not that advanced, people used to carve walls, rocks, caves, mountains, and trees. From still photo camera photography to advanced camera units like READY RIG PRO VEGA production everything revolves around capturing the best shots.

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Predator 9500 inverter generator

Predator 9500 Inverter Generator Review

Portable power generators are unquestionably essential to most film and video productions. Especially when shooting in remote locations, you need a power supply to lighten up your sets; inverter generators are the best option. However, not all generators are created for shooting purposes; you need a power generator that doesn’t produce a disturbing sound that doesn’t bother the shooting sessions. Similarly, you need a super quiet one that simultaneously offers significant power demands. Th popular choice of production companies is the Predator 9500 Inverter Generator built by Harbor Freight Tools. 

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