Rent Dana Dolly Kit

Rent Dana Dolly Kit With Stands & Rails

Undeniably, a dolly on set can save many headaches, especially if you rent Dana Dolly Kit. It’s smoother and more advance than Steadicam or gimbal. Additionally, it eases the focus puller’s job, so the takes will most likely go smoothly. Whether you are a professional photographer or a newbie in this field, Dana Dolly can effortlessly add production value to your shoots. The gear facilitates users in providing  6′ to 8′ dolly move. Setting up the Dana Dolly is straightforward, and you can use it with various track options. 

Further, the system supports cameras; tripod head mounts from 75mm, 100mm, 150mm, and even Mitchell Mounts. Plus, this excellent gear can support anything from A7S II to a fully equipped Alexa package. In a nutshell, it’s highly versatile, and this attribute of Dana Dolly makes it more valuable. 

Rent Dana Dolly Kit And Make Your Shoots Hassle Free

The system is better than a usual slider, as it’s larger and can accommodate your extensive shooting sessions and provide ultimate ease. Its swivel wheels allow users to rig it with a curved track, which is impossible with a slider. Consequently, the swivel wheels provide unique camera movements and aid in making your shots more dynamic. One of the best things about this system is that it can carry the heaviest cameras; its robust construction and wonderful support work best in holding and securing ample and heavy systems. 

Also, with Dana Dolly, you can get more extended dolly pushes because it runs much longer track lengths. Similarly, you can dolly a shot if you own the track to support it. The best part is that this system is travel friendly and compact; despite its large size, you can still take this system to any shooting location. Above all, this versatile system is necessary for filmmakers, especially if the goal is to create quality content. Therefore, if you need to make your shoots painless, rent Dana Dolly Kit with stands and rails from Atlanta Camera Rental and minimize hassles. 

Key Features

  • Robust machined 6061 aluminum dolly platform
  • ABEC-7 rated precision bearings
  • 16 soft polyurethane track wheels
  • Heavy-duty 100 lb (45.4 kg) load-bearing capacity
  • 14 x 10 inches (35.6 x 25.4 cm) in dimensions
  • 1.5 to 1.9 inches (3.8 to 4.8 cm) outer track diameter
  • 45 lb (20.4 kg) total weight

Major Reasons Why You Should Rent Dana Dolly Kit

Following are some reasons to rent Dana Dolly Kit. Check out:

  1. It Offers Wonderful Smooth Gliding: The swivel wheels of this system are equipped with ultimate expertise and consist of heavy-duty material; this is why wheels guarantee smooth, trouble-free movements. Additionally, the 12 inches floating trucks available on the center of the track pipes work best in making gliding smooth.
  2. Easy to Assemble: Dana Dolly’s components can be set up straightforwardly. There is no need to hire a person who can assemble the system for you, and you can do it yourself within a matter of minutes by following the manual. This means you can save energy on other production aspects rather than spending hours setting up the system.
  3. It Allows You To Be Creative: Once you rent Dana Dolly Kit, you can be able to perform professionally stabilized shoes and can enjoy practicing various cinematic techniques. This versatile system will convert your run and gun shoots into hassle-free ones. Resultantly, you can show your creativity and capture mesmerizing shots that can dazzle your audience.
  4. Portable Design Assist Best in Shooting: The convenient dolly system allows steady zooms and offers ease in executing tracking shots, precise movements, and others with minimal effort. 
  5. Does Not Create Unwanted Sounds: Usually, these types of heavy-duty dolly systems create too much noise, which becomes too irritating for the filmmakers. But, the Dana Dolly is free from this problem; because of its highly engineered wheels, the movement is smooth and doesn’t cause unwanted sounds. Along with auditory noise, it also fights against optical noise. 
  6. Able to Withstand Heavy Loads: The robust system is perfect for carrying and securing your heavy cameras and similar systems. It can bear vast weights ideally.

Get Dana Dolly System From Atlanta Camera Rental

After reading the specs and features of this stunning equipment, you must wonder how expensive the Dana Dolly Kit is. The price of the Dana Dolly Kit is relatively high. Currently, the buying price of this system is $1,285.00, which makes it unaffordable for many. However, you can rent Dana Dolly Kit from trustable film equipment rental Atlanta at the lowest rates. From Atlanta Camera Rental, you can borrow Dana Dolly Kit with stands and rails by spending only 125$ per day. If your goal is to capture smooth transitions and to create high-quality content without disturbing noises, then look no further and get Dana Dolly Kit. 

Hence, renting is way better than investing thousands of dollars for some shoot days. So, try investing in renting top-notch cameras, lenses, and similar gear from us and make your shoots budget-friendly.