Difference between the EV Evolve 50M and the 30M

Electro-Voice EVOLVE 50m

The EV EVOLVE 50M is a lightweight and compact public address system that delivers professional-grade sound. This speaker system contains eight 3.5″ neodymium drivers and a 12″ subwoofer, all powered by 1,000 watts of Class D amplification. An aluminum pole that may be used in either direction serves as a connection between the column and the sub.

With the EV EVOLVE 50’s superior coverage, you can be certain that your whole audience will hear every word clearly and audibly. Powerful digital processing is handled by a simple one-knob interface, making setup a breeze. Microphones, Instruments, and more may all be connected to the integrated three-channel mixer. The EV EVOLVE 50’s impressive range of features is rounded off with wireless control and Bluetooth streaming.

Superb audio in a compact package

An ultra-compact 1,000-watt Class D amplifier provides juice for the EV EVOLVE 50. Eight high-frequency drivers are arranged in a column array above a wooden subwoofer cabinet. A magnetic aluminum pole with two ends provides the connection between all components. The column array rests on the aluminum pole thanks to gravity, and sound travels inside through the various parts. When we found out at Sweetwater that the complete system weighed in at just 60 pounds, we were blown away.

Setup is simple, and controlling it wirelessly is a breeze thanks to the DSP

The onboard processing engine of the EV EVOLVE 50 makes setup a breeze. Three-band EQ, five user-programmable presets, output delay, phantom power, and thorough metering, you also receive four presets that account for the most common circumstances you’ll experience. Up to six EVOLVE 50 systems may be configured, controlled, and monitored concurrently thanks to the onboard Bluetooth technology. Wireless audio streaming from a mobile device is also possible, making it ideal for use as background music, during breaks, or as an accompaniment to a performance.

The drivers sound fantastic, and the soundstage is expansive

A total of eight 3.5″ neodymium drivers are packed into the EV EVOLVE 50’s column array, while a 12″ driver can be found in the subwoofer’s ported enclosure, producing 127dB SPL and going as low as 37Hz. Eight composite waveguides span 120 degrees horizontally and 40 degrees vertically.

The EVOLVE 50 from Electro-Voice has these nifty extras:

  •  1,000-watt, column-style, portable, lightweight, and compact sound system
  •  Column array, subwoofer, and bidirectional aluminum pole make up the three-part system.
  •  8 neodymium 3.5-inch driver arrays plus a powerful 12-inch subwoofer for a total output of 127 dB SPL and a frequency response that dips to 37 Hz.
  • Eight composite waveguides span a wide area, 120 degrees horizontally and 40 degrees vertically, with some unevenness.
  • Features: • Highly effective DSP with a simple, one-knob interface
  • There are 5 user-customizable presets in addition to the 4 factory presets (Music, Live, Speech, and Club) that simplify initial configuration.
  • A three-band equalizer lets you adjust the sound in any way you want.
  • You may use condenser microphones with phantom power.
  • Gain structure is optimized when the state of the limiter, the input level, and the meters, as well as the master volume, can be seen visually.
  • To set up, manage, and monitor up to six systems concurrently, onboard Bluetooth technology is available.
  • Play music straight from your smart device through wireless streaming

Electro-Voice EVOLVE 30m

It’s easy to transport and set up the Electro-Voice EVOLVE 30M portable line array system’s lightweight, robust, and versatile construction. It has a Class-D amplifier built in that can produce up to 1,000W of peak output. With the QuickSmart Mobile app and the built-in QuickSmart DSP, you may remotely adjust the sound to your liking.

This portable line array PA system is perfect for solo performers. The process of setting it up takes very little time. The active column-style EVOLVE 30M speaker system sets up in seconds and is ready for action on stage. The EV EVOLVE 30M, now on sale at Guitar Center, simplifies the process of creating deep, immersive sound.

Sound that fills the room and travels far

In light of the widespread appreciation for the EVOLVE 50, the EVOLVE 30M was developed. Despite its small size, the audio quality is not compromised. Subwoofers of 10 inches provide rumbling lows. There are six full-range drivers arrayed down the column. These 2.8-inch drivers disperse sound in several directions, providing a vertical coverage angle of 40 degrees. As a bonus, they cover an area with a horizontal range of 120 degrees. The EVOLVE 30M line array is powered by a 1,000W amplifier and produces full-room, high-quality sound.

Wireless Command and Control with QuickSmart DSP

In-built QuickSmart DSP allows for precise acoustic manipulation. Adjustments to the DSP may be made through the LCD and a single knob. The software comes with four different aural profiles (Music, Live, Speech, and Club) that may be quickly activated. The EVOLVE 30M column-style PA system offers a 3-band system EQ and 7-band graphic EQ in Mixer mode, with many inputs and outputs.

The QuickSmart Mobile app allows you to manage all of these features and more. From the listener’s vantage point, you may make fine-tuned wireless adjustments to your sound system. Up to six individual EVOLVE 30M systems may be monitored from inside the app simultaneously.

Adaptable Interfaces

This compact PA system can be used anywhere thanks to its lightweight design, 8-channel digital mixer, and Bluetooth connection. Studio-grade effects like delay, reverb, and chorus are hardwired into the Electro-Voice EVOLVE 30M powered line array. Also included are Hi-Z and footswitch inputs, in addition to individual AUX sends for each channel. The EVOLVE 30M public address system saves time and space by reducing the number of effects pedals and processors needed for a performance. The QuickSmart DSP app allows for remote management of all of the in-car effects.

Easy to transport and store

The EV EVOLVE 30M is designed to be easily transported from place to place. This portable public address system has a subwoofer base, a removable speaker array, and a pole connection that separates into two halves. It’s really simple and fast for the whole system to fail. The backpack bag can accommodate both the pole portions and the column speaker section.

Perfect for DJs and solo artists

Toting it to and from shows is a breeze once it’s been packed up. Its small form factor means it won’t need much storage space in your car. Nothing before has been so easily transportable for professional audio.

Advantages of the Electro-Voice EVOLVE 30M:

  • Extremely potent one-thousand-watt setup
  • The collapsible shape makes it convenient to store and carry in small spaces.
  • The wide coverage provided by composite waveguides ensures that the whole arena is well covered.
  • Six column-arrayed high-frequency speakers and a 10″ low-frequency driver provide exceptional output.
  • Common scenarios may be quickly adjusted by selecting one of the four factory presets (Music, Live, Speech, and Club).
  • The convenience of a three-band equalizer for adjusting audio levels.
  • Bluetooth connection built right in for wireless music streaming during breaks or as a backup track.
  • Powerful digital signal processing (DSP) and a wide selection of high-quality effects are
  • available in the QuickSmart smartphone app.
  • Using a condenser microphone is made possible by the phantom power feature.

Difference between EV Evolve 50m & 30m

  1. One may cover about the same area with two 30Ms as with one 50M.
  2. The two are both equally capable of working in quiet environments. It doesn’t matter unless you put out effort or attempt to cover more ground.
  3. The 50M is not noticeably larger than the 30M when either packed or assembled. Maybe if you had a very little vehicle like I have, it might make a difference, but it wouldn’t be as much of a difference as you may expect.
  4. Compared to the 30M, the 50M is too pricey, particularly considering the return policies of the 30M offerings. The difference is almost 2,000 people.
  5. It’s awesome that you can link two mixers together with only one ethernet wire. It does what it says it will do. Both the main and sub-mixer controls are linked and may be configured with a single patch.
  6. Using one 30M as the master and the other as a slave in stereo mode works OK, but a composite mixer with two times as many channels and control from a single mobile device is even cooler.
  7. Two 50Ms can communicate digitally via an ethernet wire. You may save a lot of money by not buying fancy cables like a four-channel snake for your analogue ethernet network. A normal Cat5e or Cat6 cable will do.

Size is the most noticeable contrast between the EVOLVE 30M and the EVOLVE 50. The EVOLVE 30M is smaller and more compact than its predecessor. The 10″ woofer is housed in the smaller cabinet. Six 2.8-inch full-range drivers are installed in the shorter column portion. The EVOLVE 30M may be little, but its 1,000 Class-D amplifier certainly isn’t skimpy. The EVOLVE 30’s major perk is its wider variety of connection types and the possibility of wireless operation through the QuickSmart Mobile app.