Movi Pro Gimbal

Movi Pro Gimbal Review

Since the Movi pro was released in a short time, it created an uncanny reputation in the videography community. According to most cinematographers, the Movi Pro gimbal has positively changed the way of shooting; it allows users to capture details more perfectly. Furthermore, the unified design makes it effortless for users to carry and move Movi Pro from any desired angle. Similarly, because of the stabilized head, the device transforms users’ difficult shoot days into hassle-free ones. The Movi Pro camera stabilizer is famous for its advanced camera movement system, high performance, flexibility, lightweight, and user-friendly design. 

The ultimate features allow users to produce world-class video content with minimum effort. The king of camera gimbal stabilizer undoubtedly offers terrific performance and ease of use on challenging long shoot days. As this stabilizer is most videographers’ favorite, we decided to share the Freefly Movi Pro Gimbal review for the interested readers who are planning to rent/buy this excellent device. 

Freefly Movi Pro Gimbal: The Review


The Freefly Movi Pro Gimbal features twice the continuous pan torque of original Movi units and multiple top-notch MEMS sensors with full calibration (like Scale, temperature, alignment, and Cross-Axis), making it both the handheld and aerial gimbal. The high-speed sensors and floating-point processors allow 60dB performance at 1Hz. A 3-axis compass for error-free heading information and an inbuilt barometer offers reliable altitude estimates. Further, Movi Pro’s great brushless motors can provide excellent torque and deliver 360° pan/tilt/roll rate & 1000° base motion. The silent sine drive technology ideally controls the tilt, roll axis, and pan, whereas the sine drive motor controls update torque at 32KhZ.

Further, the Movi Pro gimbal stabilizer combines speedy CAN bus communication protocol and high resolution 15 but encoders responsible for extraordinary motion control and superior stabilization. Also, the stabilizer’s online temperatures enable maximum performance while saving the system from overheating problems. In addition, the Movi Pro offers numerous shooting modes, including Auto-tune & shot quality indicator, Majestic Mode, Motion control & path planning, Timelapse, Auto tracking / follow me mode, and High Bandwidth Data logging / Camera sync / Visualization. 

Battery and Powering Systems

Movi Pro gimbal consists of a safe and reliable dual hot-swappable battery system which is why the batteries are compact and offer great power. The hot-swappable batteries can power the gimbal, camera body, and accessories and increase the “uptime.” Additionally, the available release system of the Pro Movi gimbal makes it easier for users to install and remove batteries. The design features a single camera D-Tap port with spine and tilt D-Tap port to power accessories, while it also consists of a powered USB port built into the tilt axis assembly. The Movi battery can last about an hour only when powering the accessories or camera. You can know how much battery is left by keeping an eye on its “fuel gauge.”

The Ring

Moving the gimbal when shooting was a big issue with Movi M15, whereas the lightweight and strong ring of Movi Pro made it easier to grab the device anywhere. At the same time, the ring feet make it simpler to put Movi Pro down wherever you want to give rest to the device between takes.

Mimic Controller

When attached to Movi Pro, the Mimic controller device offers ease of use to users and makes camera adjustments easier. With this attachable device, you can simply control the camera settings and make shoots hassle-free. 


The gimbal Movi Pro can carry the following cameras: 

  • Canon C100 (Mk I-II), C300 (Mk I-II) & C500 (Mk I-II)
  • Sony F5, F55, FS7, FS100, FS700 & FS5
  • RED Epic, Scarlet, Weapon, Dragon, Helium & Raven
  • Blackmagic URSA Mini, Pocket Cinema, Cinema & Micro Cinema
  • ARRI Alexa Mini & M

Some of the Mirrorless sensors and DSLRs that Movi Pro is compatible with include:

  • Nikon D810, D800, D500 & D5
  • Sony A7s I-II & A7r I-II
  • Panasonic GH3 & GH45
  • Canon 1Dc & 5D Mk I-IV


Whether you want to mount a zoom lens or planning to connect heavy camera bodies, the Gimbal Movi Pro will never fail to reduce your burden and provide an impressive performance. The doubling of torque in motors, lightweight and robust design, powerful batteries, and incredible features make this device an excellent choice for filmmakers. The only downside of Movi Pro Gimbal is the high price, which stops most cinematographers from getting full advantage of this device. However, there is no way to resist using this incredible equipment when you can borrow it from a trusty gimbal rental house. Hence, you should look for a reliable Movi Pro rental to make your shooting time hassle-free. Atlanta Camera Rental is the trustable gimbal rental in Atlanta, GA; submit your request now and simply borrow the excellent camera equipment.