Product Description:

Our video village package contains 1 x 19″ client monitor, 1 x 7″ handheld director monitor, and 1 x 7″ 1st AC monitor. It also includes a wireless transmission system, sending the signal of one camera to all three monitors simultaneously with no delay up to 3000 feet, and a scanner to identify the best channels for signal reception. Keep eyes on your footage from various places on set!

  • -Teradek 3000 ft Wireless Transmission System (Vaxis)  1TX:3RX
    -19″ Atomos Sumo Monitor
    -7″ Small HD Cine 7
    -7″ Handheld Director Monitor – Vaxis 072
    -5 x v-mount batteries
    -Scanner for best channel reception
    – 2 x C-stands with Monitor Mounts


***Additional items available as add-ons (2-camera shoot?)

  • -Teradek 1000 ft Wireless Transmission System (Vaxis)  1TX
    -19″ Atomos Sumo Monitor
    -7″ Blackmagic Video Assist Monitor