Product Description:

The LiteCloth 2.0 Mega-LC Foldable LED Mat Kit from Intellytech is designed for image-makers who require a wall of light with color, light intensity, power, control, setup, breakdown, and travel options. The kit includes the 3 x 4.5′ LED mat, a mounting bracket with frame, a diffuser, a grid, a controller with a V-Mount battery mount, and a sturdy, wheeled carry case.

The dimmable MEGA-LiteCloth has an expansive color range that’s variable from 3000 to 10,000K to meet any ambient light challenge, match other fixtures, or for creative expression. Its high CRI/TLCI ratings of 97 and 98 are your assurance of superior accuracy in color rendering. You can make adjustments on the controller, remotely on a DMX console, or wirelessly with a separately-purchased remote control.